The Weekend Box Office Received Its Turkeys A Week After Thanksgiving

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12.04.16 4 Comments

High Top Productions

The week after Thanksgiving — like Labor Day weekend and the week after Christmas — is traditionally a time when the studios don’t even bother releasing worthwhile movies. Studios typically flood the box-office with movies during the lead-up to Thanksgiving, so holdovers generally extend their muscle through the first week of December. That was no exception this year, as the only two notable releases were movies most people have never heard of, and movies that most people will never hear of again after this weekend.

Incarnate was quietly released into 1700 theaters over the weekend. The Aaron Eckhart tech horror film was co-produced by two unlikely partners: Blumhouse Productions and WWE Studios. Blumhouse’s name tells us that it’s a microbudget film, so even if it barely puts a dent in the box office, it’s likely to recoup the investment. With a $2.2 million opening weekend, it’s nearly halfway to its production budget already, and even if it tops out at less than $5 million, it only takes one The Purge or Insidious sequel to pay for 20 of Jason Blum’s misfires. The bigger question is what’s happening to Aaron Eckhart’s career?

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