Here’s A Whimsical Supercut Surveying All The Swearing In Wes Anderson’s Films

Wes Anderson’s movies are known for their style, their excellent soundtracks, and their ability to make you feel for characters who are both wonderful and damaged. What the films of Wes Anderson aren’t explicitly known for is all the swearing his characters do. But that’s something that changes today. This new supercut has stitched together many important instances of swearing in all of your favorites, including The Grand Budapest Hotel, Rushmore, and even Fantastic Mr. Fox.

This is obviously not something you can watch at work (please don’t), but it is highly recommended. Not only for the swearing, but for the fact that the way the clip is sewn together shows a lot of care and joy, almost elevating swearing to an artform. It’s essentially a montage worthy of Anderson himself, which he would likely hate to hear.

(Via The A to Z Review /AV Club)