Could Wesley Snipes And ‘Blade’ Be The Next Big Marvel Return For Netflix?

It has been a while since any talk of bringing Blade back to the Marvel fold hit the internet. That doesn’t mean Wesley Snipes has lost interest, though. It also doesn’t mean he is finished trying to get Marvel to bring his daywalking vampire hunter into the new Marvel family. The original films were filmed with New Line Cinema, so they’re outside of the current Marvel realm.

Marvel does currently have the rights back for the character, but have yet to unleash him with The Avengers and everybody else running around. Snipes hit Twitter to give a bit of an update and to note that the ball is in the company’s court with the character:

He also shared this, which is probably the best part about being named Wesley Snipes:

But if Marvel were to bring back Blade, where would he land? Would he be on his own within the film world of The Avengers and Doctor Strange? Could he show up on Netflix with Daredevil and The Punisher? Or maybe they’ll just opt to keep him within his own universe and not involved with any of the noted Marvel properties.

Netflix would be the logical choice given the introduction of superpowers and supernatural elements to the very realistic stories on the screen. While it would be difficult to see Blade fooling around with The Punisher and Daredevil, it would not be strange to see him appear later on with The Defenders. Iron Fist will certainly introduce some sort of supernatural element to the Netflix Marvel offerings, so after that it could be wide open to explore the vampires and monsters of the Marvel Universe.

Or hey, just bring him back on Agents Of SHIELD and make vampires be their next big obstacle. I’m sure that’ll go over well.

No matter what happens with Blade, it’s cool to see that Snipes looks at the role as one of his most iconic. It gives us the chance to enjoy this fine mashup between the daywalker and Nino from New Jack City. Let’s make that movie.

(Via Wesley Snipes / Entertainment Weekly)