Wesley Snipes Is Keeping His ‘Blade’ Dreams Alive For A Fourth Movie

It’s been roughly a decade since the release of both Blade: Trinity (which hit theaters in 2004) and that odd TV series starring rapper Sticky Fingaz (which aired one season in 2006). Wesley Snipes is starring in a new NBC series titled The Player, which will premiere on the network this Thursday. During the press tour for the show, the actor has been answering a lot of questions about the possibility of a fourth installment to the Blade movie franchise.

Last year, a rumor hit that had Snipes allegedly signing a deal with Marvel to return as everyone’s favorite jacked vampire hunter (who’s also a vampire…spoiler?). Yet, when he appeared at Comic-Con earlier this summer, the topic was discussed once more making the on-screen future of Blade seem way more up-in-the-air. During the press tour for his new NBC series, Snipes stopped by to chat with Huffington Post and guess what possibly tiring subject they ended up talking about?

In once again discussing the idea of a sequel, Snipes pointed to the ball pretty much being in Marvel’s court:

“There’s always a possibility, you know. It’s in Marvel’s hands. They’re controlling the pace and the flow with that. Conversations have been good. They see the value in it. We see the value in it. I’m still in shape enough and fit enough to handle the role. We’ll see how it goes. I don’t really know what’s going to happen to it yet.”

With the success of Daredevil on Netflix and the relationship the streaming service has with Marvel, another attempt at a Blade TV series may be the best idea moving forward. The plan for another movie was apparently not in the cards when Marvel mapped out Phase Three earlier this year.

However, this is Hollywood we’re talking about and they do weird things in the movie business. When asked about a Blade/Avengers big-screen team-up, he replied by saying, “It would be interesting to see where they would place him and where he really would fit in. He’s got to bite somebody. I don’t know who he’s going to bite.”

(Via Huffington Post)