What Creatures Will Be In ‘Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them’?

Harry Potter fans rejoiced when Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them film adaptation was announced. Those that read the relatively short book know that it is full of inside jokes and nods to the world that Harry, Hermione, and Ron are living in. While this film adaptation won’t be a textbook with scribbles from our favorite young trio of wizards (or two wizards and one witch) while they study away at Hogwarts, it should provide plenty of thrills. But he question that everyone wants an answer to now is what monstrosity caused that damage to New York City? Well, the Harry Potter movies should provide plenty of insight to what fantastic beasts we’ll be seeing Newt Scamander chase after.

Using context clues from the trailer, we’ve made a video showing off the various creatures that could’ve been in that darn unlocked briefcase of Scamander’s. Could it have been a dragon that burst through the wall in New York City? Or a troll? Maybe a hippogriff caused all of that damage?

Or perhaps it’s none of the above? Check out our video and let us know which beast could’ve possibly caused that damage in the comments!