Here’s What We Know About ‘Deadpool 2’ So Far

If box office returns are anything to go by, Deadpool is everything we believe in now. Find the right formula of gruesome kills, endless one-liners, shots of Ryan Reynolds’ ridiculous physique and a loving homage to Salt-N-Pepa’s “Shoop” and we’ll tip right over. It’s all been one whirling dizzy bloody ride and now the question surfaces: What’s next for round two?

Yes, we’ve all done a fantastic job of transitioning from clamoring to see Deadpool to clamoring to see Deadpool 2. Heck, Avatar alum Stephen Lang is even campaigning for a spot in the sequel despite the fact that the film’s only been in theaters for like a week. So what’s been laid out for us aside from the sequel simply existing? We’ve prepped a 77 second video that’ll likely answer some of your questions and probably generate 68,000 more.

If you haven’t watched the first Deadpool (there’s about six of you still left in the wild), there might be trace shavings of spoilers in our zippy guide. It’s nothing too dangerous, but consider yourself warned for safety’s sake. Casting tidbits, production targets, potential new franchises and all that good stuff is nestled into our rundown. Have your own forecast of what’s to come from Marvel’s most popular yuks-n-yucks dispenser? Sound off in the comments!