What We Know So Far About ‘Indiana Jones 5’

It was inevitable, but now it’s official: Indiana Jones is headed back to the big screen. There are a lot of questions that need answers, though, and we’ve got some gaps to fill in. Before we do anything else…

It’s In Good Hands

Before somebody shows up in the comments and says “KINGDOM OF THE CRYSTAL SKULL!” it’s worth noting that this movie is being made under the auspices of Kathleen Kennedy, who was and is essentially Spielberg’s go-to producer and the person who handled the studio stuff for him for 30-straight years, until she went to Lucasfilm to help oversee the Disney transition and keep things on an even keel. In short, Indy’s in good hands.

Spielberg Is Almost Certainly Coming Back To Direct

It’s not a huge secret Indiana Jones 5 has been in the works for a while. Back in October of last year, Variety accidentally let it slip that Janusz Kaminski was in preliminary work for the next Indiana Jones movie.

Kaminski is Spielberg’s preferred cinematographer, first of all. Secondly, it’s not like Spielberg’s ambivalent. Interestingly, he’ll only direct if he likes the script, and Disney’s top executive suite has said, repeatedly, they won’t do it unless they have “the right script.” In other words, they want Spielberg.

Harrison Ford Likely Won’t Be Back

He might show up in some bookends or something. Realistically, the guy’s 73, and he has a tendency to crash vehicles and break bones on set. They’re not resting a multimillion dollar franchise on him.

But there are a few questions we need answers to:

Sequel? Or Reboot?

It’s not clear what Disney is thinking on this front, possibly because Disney themselves aren’t sure yet. Either is possible, but it’ll take place in the ’30s, so it’s unlikely we’ll see any more space alien mummies.

Who’s Playing Indy?

Tied to the question above, we’ve heard casting rumors from the awesome to the painful, but the fact is, there’s no script. Until they have one, and are actually making the movie, we’re not going to know who’s Indy.

Will Mutt Get Killed In The Sequel?

Come on, Disney. Give us what we want.