What Will Happen During The ‘Ant-Man’ Post-Credits Scenes?

Yep, after a hiatus, the post-credits scenes are back in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. So, let’s speculate wildly about what we’re going to see!

Marvel generally follows a pattern here: A serious preview for the next episode, and a gag at the very end. Speculating about jokes seems both silly and kind of out to ruin the fun… so let’s speculate about the serious bit instead!

Ant-Man Joins The Avengers

Considering Captain America: Avengers 2.5, er, Civil War will be two hours of superheroes punching each other in the name of freedom, hopefully over bald eagle cries and metal solos, one assumes Scott Lang is going to meet an Avenger, or get recruited by Nick Fury.

Hank Pym Has An Infinity Stone

Alternately, they’ll tie it into the other big superhero fight, Avengers: Infinity War, by revealing Hank Pym has an Infinity Stone. Considering how these things tend to turn up in the hands of scientists who really shouldn’t have them, it might even be how Pym cracked the size-shifting.

Hank Pym Has Some Other Dark Secret

Rumors have abounded for months that Hank Pym has a dark side in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and it’s been heavily implied Hank’s screw-ups killed Janet Van Dyne, the original Wasp. It doesn’t seem to come into play in what we’ve seen so far, but Pym is a guy who has an underground lair full of security monitors to watch everyone with. And you don’t usually hire an Oscar-winning actor and producer to just sit around and spout exposition. Well, unless it’s Morgan Freeman.

Doctor Strange Checks In

This is a little less likely, but certainly not out of the realm of possibility. Doctor Strange is Marvel’s other big 2016 entry, and Ant-Man has a daughter. Maybe Dr. Strange is her pediatrician.

We Meet The Wasp

This may well happen during the movie itself; the Yellowjacket outfit could easily become a Wasp suit, after all. But if it doesn’t happen elsewhere, expect Evangeline Lilly to suit up during the credits.

He Gets Abducted By The Guardians Of The Galaxy

Probably not. But we can dream.

(via io9)