Yet Another Female Intruder Was Found In Keanu Reeves’ Home, This Time Naked

This is craziness! Insanity, even! Last week we reported that on Monday, Keanu Reeves had woken up in the middle of the night to a female intruder sitting in his library, who he dispatched by calmly talking to her while police arrived. But news is now breaking that just two days later, a second woman was found in Keanu’s home by his cleaning staff — and this one seems to have had more in mind than just hanging around in some stuffy old library.

It was the SECOND time in 2 days … a woman waltzed into Keanu’s home through an unlocked door. Keanu was gone … a cleaning crew inside the house left the front gate open and never flagged the intruder.

Law enforcement sources tell us … she got naked and jumped in his shower, then took a skinny dip in the pool. Only then did the crack cleaning crew get suspicious and call Reeves, who called 911.

Now don’t get me wrong, here. Keanu Reeves was probably my first adolescent crush that made me feel big girl feelings, but still — I would expect this level of female stalkery from Speed Keanu Reeves or The Matrix Keanu Reeves or even *ahem* Bill & Ted’s Bogus Journey Keanu Reeves. But transitioning to television in a series without a network yet attached neckbeard Keanu Reeves? Why not. I guess the power of Keanu Reeves allure knows no medium or facial hair styles.

(Via TMZ)