The Little Boy From ‘The Santa Clause’ Is 29! Here’s What The Rest Of The Cast Is Up To

12.22.15 4 years ago

A story about a deadbeat dad that’s also a heartwarming Christmas family classic? Seems unlikely. Yet, Disney – the studio that uses broken family relationships as go-to plot points – achieved it with 1994’s The Santa Clause.

Tim Allen is at his best as Scott Calvin, a divorced advertising executive who struggles to keep it together when he’s in charge of his son on Christmas Eve – a night that ends with the accidental murder of Santa Claus. Scott and his son are transported to the North Pole, where he is (unwittingly) transformed into the new big man with the red sack. Despite his little boy’s insistence and some obvious physical changes, Allen’s character refuses to accept his new occupation and his ex-wife questions his sanity.

The film was a super-sized hit and spawned two sequels, to which all four members of the main cast returned. Here’s what the cast has been up to in the 21 years since Allen put on that iconic suit.

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