What Has Bai Ling Been Up To? Wearing Weird Bras At ‘The Crow’ Screenings, Apparently

Remember Bai Ling? Well, she’s back…in censor bar bra form.

Ling, the trivia answer to an unsuccessful mid-2000s board game, was super-briefly niche-famous for playing Top Dollar’s lover in The Crow, before graduating to roles in Red Corner and Wild Wild West. But she’s probably most famous for claiming George Lucas edited her out of Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith because she posed nude in Playboy, and for making guest star appearances on Entourage and Lost.

That was in 2007. So I decided to see what she’s up to. Wisely, Ling’s returning to the beginning.

That would be Bai at a 20th anniversary screening of The Crow. She made that “#outfit” herself.

Spend enough time on her Twitter, and you’ll #slowly be #driven #mad by #hashtags.

That photo was taken last night at the Horrible Bosses 2 premiere. IMDb doesn’t list Ling as being in it, although she does have parts in 13 PROJECTS that either came out this year or will be released in 2015. Good on her for continuing to act, so long as she’s done giving tattoos.