Whitey Bulger And His Associates Are Reportedly Not Fans Of Johnny Depp Or ‘Black Mass’

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09.20.15 15 Comments

So you’ve likely read our reviews of Black Mass or have seen the film itself, crafting your own opinion of it. But what about the subject of the film himself? What does James “Whitey” Bulger (and his associates) think of Johnny Depp’s performance as him in the film? They’re not fans, at all.

Now Bulger himself hasn’t seen the film, but he was not a fan of the choice of actor or the slant that Hollywood took to tell his story, allegedly highlighting his side in a statement to People Magazine via his lawyer Hank Brennan:

“Johnny Depp might as well have been playing the Mad Hatter all over again as far as James Bulger is concerned,” Brennan says. “Hollywood greed is behind the rush to portray my client, and the movie missed the real scourge created in my client’s case, the real menace to Boston during that time and in other mob cases around the country – the federal government’s complicity in each and every one of those murders with the top echelon informant program.”

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