Who Is Deathstroke In ‘Suicide Squad’?

scott eastwood

When we last discussed Suicide Squad casting rumors, we told you to keep a salt shaker handy. And sure enough, it turns out that Scott Eastwood is not, in fact, Steve Trevor. That’s Captain Kirk’s job. So who is Eastwood playing?

According to the same guy who insisted he was 100 percent playing Steve Trevor, now he’s 100 percent playing Slade Wilson, before he’s turned into the assassin known as Deathstroke. Of interest, David Ayer posted what’s almost certainly Eastwood in his movie getup on Twitter:

Which, of course, immediately raises the question of whether he could take Manu Bennett in a fight, but we’ll leave that to the comments section.

Does this line up? Eh, maybe? Eastwood doesn’t have a huge role in the movie, but supposedly he’s signed for a three-movie contract. That means Eastwood has at least a possible role to play in a few other DC movies, and Deathstroke would be a good fit for that. Then again, Steve Trevor would also have been a good fit for that.

Meanwhile, the same rumor states Common will be playing the Tattooed Man, not Black Manta. Which I actually believe, although being played by Common would be a huge upgrade for that particular scrub. Personally, I’m holding out hope Manta just doesn’t have his goofy helmet.

(Via Heroic Hollywood)