Who Is Scott Eastwood’s ‘Suicide Squad’ Mystery Character? Let’s Take Some Guesses

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We know a lot about Suicide Squad. We know the team’s membership, we know the setting, we know the Joker is involved, we know Batman shows up. But, oddly, one thing we don’t know is who Scott Eastwood is playing. (There’s even a blank next to his name in the film’s IMDb entry.) So, let’s speculate, shall we?

What We Know

Eastwood’s character is being kept pretty far under wraps. So far, in two trailers, we’ve only seen one shot of him palling around with Rick Flagg. We also know that his role didn’t require a ton of prep; he was cast just a week before shooting. Rumor is also going around that Eastwood has a three-movie contract. So, with that in mind…

Nightwing / Dick Grayson

Odds: 2-1
This movie, in addition to his cameos, has Batman all over it: Deadshot, Harley Quinn, and Killer Croc are all Batman villains, and Katana regularly hangs out with Bats as part of the Outsiders. That said, Batman hasn’t been active for a while in the timeline of the DC Cinematic Universe, and that means if there’s a Robin, Dick Grayson is either out of a job or might have already told off Bruce and gone solo. Or, perhaps, Bruce is still keeping his hand in and having his faithful ward keep an eye on this motley crew of bad guys he put away.


Odds: 3-1

The popular vicious assassin/annoying early boss in Batman: Arkham Origins is somebody DC has been trying to get on screens for years, and finally succeeded recently with Arrow. It would make sense to have Slade Wilson floating around in this particular cinematic universe, especially because he’d be unlikely to carry his own movie.

A Descendant of Steve Trevor

chris pine wonder woman
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Odds: 4-1

Eastwood was one of the names bandied about for the role of Wonder Woman’s boyfriend before Chris Pine got the job. But you can’t help wondering if Steve Trevor’s descendants might play a role in this movie, especially because the Squad seems to be facing down a magical power.

One of the “Original” Squad

Odds: 8-1

Alternately, the series could draw from DC’s Silver Age past and make Eastwood one of the members of the Squad back when it was “Task Force X,” a group of four people the government sent to deal with unexplained phenomena. The timeline is there, what with Wonder Woman running around in World War I, but if that’s the case, it’s odd his name is being hidden.

Ambush Bug

Odds: 10-1

We’re assuming they don’t want to add a fourth-wall breaking anti-hero to the DC Cinematic Universe until they see how Deadpool performs at the box office. But hey, maybe they want a jump on the competition.


Odds: 100-1

DC’s greatest villain who can add arms to himself as his only superpower deserves his time in the spotlight. Granted that time will be limited to laughing at his powers before he proves to be useless.

Billy Batson

Odds: 1000-1

Hey, Billy, the host of the mighty Captain Marvel (a.k.a. Shazam), can’t stay a preteen kid forever, right? Maybe he grew up in this universe and decided to join the Army instead of being the Big Red Cheese. Hey, it could happen!