Who Is Scott Eastwood’s ‘Suicide Squad’ Mystery Character? Let’s Take Some Guesses

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02.01.16 4 Comments
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We know a lot about Suicide Squad. We know the team’s membership, we know the setting, we know the Joker is involved, we know Batman shows up. But, oddly, one thing we don’t know is who Scott Eastwood is playing. (There’s even a blank next to his name in the film’s IMDb entry.) So, let’s speculate, shall we?

What We Know

Eastwood’s character is being kept pretty far under wraps. So far, in two trailers, we’ve only seen one shot of him palling around with Rick Flagg. We also know that his role didn’t require a ton of prep; he was cast just a week before shooting. Rumor is also going around that Eastwood has a three-movie contract. So, with that in mind…

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