Why Did Two ‘Star Wars: Episode VII’ Cast Members Leave Twitter?

John Boyega and Daisy Ridley have been really fun to follow on Twitter. Not due to spoilers or anything, because they’re pretty careful about that, but they’ve simultaneously offered a view as to what it’s like making a huge movie and had some great Star Wars nerdery to go with it. And now, suddenly, they’re both gone.

Boyega’s Instagram is still around, but Ridley’s pretty much completely off the grid. So this is where the speculation starts.

Slash Film blames trolls, which is a logical place to go to when we’re talking about a woman being in close proximity to nerds on the Internet, but I’m a little skeptical of that. First of all, Ridley probably has somebody who can just go through and mute anybody calling her awful names on Twitter. Secondly, J.J. Abrams is infamously closed-mouthed about a lot of things, but he does stand up for his cast. And that doesn’t explain why Boyega bailed, either, even if he and Ridley have become close friends.

No, if I had to guess, and I do — because that’s what pays the rent — I’m guessing they’re shooting a particularly important sequence that really can’t leak. Let’s not forget Abrams himself is absolutely happy to leak minor details, especially if it’s for a good cause. Start poking around for the cast members and you’re going to find a very odd lack of official social media accounts. Basically anybody Disney can order to delete their Twitter account has complied, and those it can’t are sticking to non-Star Wars business.

So, that leads us to the most interesting question: Why the total radio silence? At a guess, it’s because they’re filming the rumored scene where the Inquisitors bring back the Sith. Yeah, probably don’t want anything from that to leak. Well, more than it already has.