‘Wicked’ Will Defy Gravity By Adding Some New Songs To Its Film Adaptation

What is this feeling? It feels like excitement. Wicked composer and lyricist Stephen Schwartz made an appearance at San Diego Comic-Con this week and gave some magical updates about the upcoming film adaptation of one of Broadway’s most successful and long-running musicals. When fans return to dear old Shiz in movie form, they can expect some tweaks to the material that everybody knows by heart. Don’t worry your wonderful hearts though, Wicked fans, Schwartz says that these changes will be for the good of the musical.

Many movie musicals add a new song or two to the production in order to be eligible for the most popular of trophies, The Academy Awards, as it takes an original song written specifically for the movie in order to have a shot at being nominated. A sentimental man, Schwartz says that he’ll include one song that was cut from the Broadway show in addition to three new ones, according to Entertainment Weekly. While some fans may be defying gravity in their joy at the thought of new songs, no good deed goes un-scoffed at as at least a few will probably be slightly concerned about the prospect of additional scenes and songs.

Thank goodness the property is in good hands with Schwartz, who will be able to avoid the march of the (metaphorical) witch hunters by his sheer charisma about the movie and his experience as the original helmer of the project. Devotees of the original book or musical will still have to spend more time dancing through life as they await the movie though, since it has only been in production for one short day (or four) and is still in the overture stage of the process.

In casting news, nobody has been set to portray Elphaba and Glinda just yet. Idina Menzel and Kristin Chenoweth, the duo that originated the roles, have both said “I’m Not That Girl” to any offers as they will be too old by the time it hits screen to step into the parts again. However, Chenoweth hasn’t ruled a return completely out and insists that she would return in some way if it were possible. No one may mourn the wicked, but not having either of the iconic original cast members in the film would be a bummer of a development. At least we have the soundtrack to fall back on. The movie may add songs that don’t live up to the show’s legacy, but as long as the Original Cast Recording is mine, everything will be okay.

(Via Entertainment Weekly)