The Comedy ‘Captain Dad’ Sees Will Ferrell Exit Days Before Shooting

It’s a bit tricky to make a Will Ferrell movie without Will Ferrell, but that’s the situation facing a movie currently trying to sort out what to do next.

The indie comedy Captain Dad is set to begin production on September 26, but The Hollywood Reporter has revealed that Ferrell has dropped out of the film. The exit has apparently left writer-director Sebastián Silva and producers scrambling to figure out their next move. Cast and crew are already in Colombia (where the motion picture is being shot) waiting for word on what’s to come. No word yet on what prompted Ferrell’s exit.

Replacing Ferrell as the dad in this comedy may be a bit of a tall order considering his marquee value, but producers will have to nudge something along for this film to get made. At the moment, Michael Cera and Catherine Keener are still aboard this project centered around a family vacation that does not go according to plan. According to THR sources, there’s a real worry the whole thing might fall apart.

Oddly enough, this isn’t the first time Ferrell’s reportedly exited a project in 2016. A massive sh*tstorm was kicked up earlier this year over word that Ferrell and Adam McKay would be bringing a controversial movie about Ronald Reagan to the big screen. We don’t imagine Newt Gingrich will weigh in this time.

(Via The Hollywood Reporter)