Will Ferrell To Star With Michael Cera In The Family Vacation Mutiny Film ‘Captain Dad’

Here’s a pitch that could probably use a little work in order to sound, well, pitchier. You got Will Ferrell. You got Catherine Keener as his wife. You got the two of them taking their six kids and said six kids’ significant others on a Caribbean sailing vacation only to have things get kinda crappy because ‘ol Will isn’t a very good sailor. You even got Michael Cera in there in some unspecified way. Sounds hilarious, right?

Um, maybe not. Because in reporting this potential laugh riot, Variety says that Captain Dad is a… family thriller? Okay, well if that’s the case, then maybe there are pirates or some angry Caribbean locals who hate Will and Catherine et al and want to see ’em drowned or something? Maybe that’s what Cera is signed up for, to be an angry pirate or something. Who knows?

The whole thing sounds like a comedy but alas, dear reader, this is all the info that we and Variety can provide. Captain Dad will be helmed by Chilean writer-director Sebastian Silva, who has worked with Cera before, twice, and whose last movie, Nasty Baby, starred Kristen Wiig, meaning he knows his way around funny actors. But neither of his movies with Cera, Magic Magic and Crystal Fairy & The Magical Cactus were comedies. And Nasty Baby wasn’t really either, despite the presence of Wiig.

So what does this mean? Maybe it means that Captain Dad really is a “family thriller.” Or, maybe it means that we have no idea what it is and might not until the movie actually gets made and released. Now there’s a pitchy pitch!

(via Variety)