Will Smith And Margot Robbie Swap Playground Insults For Your Amusement

Historically speaking, there has arguably never been a greater time to be a master of the common insult. Comedy Central’s roasts consistently push the line between a playful burn and borderline cruelty, Jeff Ross’ Roast Battle is taking over the nation, and according to IMDb at least, Yo Momma is totally still on the air. Seriously, WE’RE LIVING IN THE GOLDEN AGE OF RUDENESS, PEOPLE.

Lucky for us, the daft tossers over at BBC Radio 1 seem to have developed a particularly strong fondness for a well-crafted diss, especially when the people hurling them at one another happen to be A-list celebrities. The popular talk show has already pitted Mark Wahlberg against Will Ferrell and Seth Rogen against Chloë Grace Moretz, and now, hosts Scott Mills and Chris Stark have called upon Suicide Squad stars Will Smith and Margot Robbie to engage in the ultimate battle of wits (or lack thereof) on their recurring series, “Playground Insults.”

It’s a strong premise that suffers somewhat from the fact that both Smith and Robbie seem like genuinely kindhearted people who can only muster the strength to make Australian and old man jokes, but I must give Robbie credit for this exchange.

Robbie: “You were the worst looking cast member in I Am Legend.”

Smith: “The only reason that you’re saying that is because you know I slept with your mother.”

Robbie: “Yeah well, she didn’t even bother to call you back. She thought your nickname was ‘Big Willy’…she felt so mislead by that.”

Robbie then followed up by mocking Smith’s attire, likening it to the outfit he donned in his music video for the 1997 classic “Gettin’ Jiggy Wit It.” When the smoke cleared, it was pretty much a one-sided routing in the Aussie’s favor, which seems pretty understandable to me. I mean, how does one exactly insult an insanely attractive, incredibly successful 26-year-old blonde who has crushed every role she’s chosen out of the park?

(*Scans Reddit for five seconds*) (*Cries*)

As good as Robbie was in this, I think she could have truthfully taken Smith out of the equation with two simple words: After. Earth. It still wouldn’t be nearly as bad as what’s been written in damn near every Suicide Squad review out there.