William Shatner Has Fun At The Expense Of The ‘Star Wars’ Holiday Special, Gets A Fair Response

There seems to be an increasingly limited number of things people seem to be able to agree on, but at least there’s the understood universal truth that the Star Wars Holiday Special is one of more rancid cash-in turds plopped out of the franchise. It’s a work so notoriously awful that George Lucas, a man not necessarily known for having unparalleled taste, would like to see its existence wiped from the earth.

In “honor” of today syncing up anniversary-wise with the November 17, 1978 premiere of the special, Star Trek legend William Shatner elected to poke fun at the critically lambasted (but perpetually bootlegged) TV oddity.

“Happy Anniversary of Life Day!” tweeted the Rescue 911 host. “@TheWookieeRoars 38 years ago today! @HamillHimself @carrieffisher 2 hours of my life! #poof! #gone!”

Peter Mayhew, the giant that plays relatable everywookie Chewbacca, noticed Shatner’s Twitter take on Life Day and responded appropriately.

“@WilliamShatner Thank you Bill! And the same to you!” responded Mayhew. “#2hours #poof #StarTrekVTheFinalFrontier #IKnowTheFeeling #AtLeastYouGetRoyalties”

Considering that Shatner directed Star Trek V: The Final Frontier, that reply might sting a little bit. Of course, the #AtLeastYouGetRoyalties suggests that this is maybe a more playful exchange than nasty. After all, Shatner’s shown Star Wars some love this year and light teasing isn’t unreasonable between peers. We’ll know things are super duper serious when there’s a fight to the death on a convention floor.

(Via The Hollywood Reporter)