Winona Ryder Confirms Those ‘Beetlejuice 2’ Rumors, But Is Still Waiting On Some Solid Details

We’ve heard from Michael Keaton on the matter and Tim Burton gave his confirmation that it will happen,  now we have Winona Ryder discussing the existence of a Beetlejuice sequel with her involvement. The only problem is that she doesn’t much more than anybody else or she’s not willing to admit that she does.

Ryder was on Seth Meyers Monday and the topic was brought up to the delight of the audience, but it doesn’t seem to carry too much more than what he heard from Tim Burton back in December. We’re basically in the waiting room, rubbing some disembodied legs and praying some guy doesn’t shrink our heads before we get some official confirmation that the movie is happening, that Michael Keaton is back in the role, and the entire thing revolves around a Hawaiian vacation gone awry.

The standout story here is that Ryder apparently can’t get through TSA without saying Beetlejuice three times. While the rest of us are taking our shoes off and having some strange hands shoved down our pants, Winona Ryder is summoning a ghoul and dancing around to Harry Belafonte music like a fool. Could be worse given her past history with the other side of the law.

I do enjoy some Beetlejuice, though. It’s right on the line of a movie that I’d like to see more of, but I’d also like to have it left alone. I blame scenes like this:

(Via Late Night with Seth Meyers)