Weekend Box Office: ‘Wonder Woman’ Vanquishes A Weak Showing From ‘The Mummy’ And Two Other Releases

06.11.17 2 years ago 17 Comments

Wonder Woman continues to put up huge numbers after its $100 million opening weekend. While that impressive opening weekend was less than what Batman vs. Superman and Suicide Squad put up in their opening weekends, Gal Gadot’s superhero film is clearly holding much better and outpacing both in its second weekend with $57 million (compared to the $51 million of BvS and the $43 million second weekend of Suicide Squad). It’s currently playing similar to The Hunger Games: Mockingjay – Part 2, which like Wonder Woman, opened with around $100 million, continued apace in its second weekend with $52 million, and ended its box-office run with $281 million, which seems well within reach for Patty Jenkins film, which has already earned $205 million in 10 days and dropped only 45 percent in its second weekend. Three hundred million seems an almost sure thing now.

Jenkins, by the way, broke the record last weekend for biggest opening weekend for a female director. Next up: The highest grossing film all-time for a female director. Jenkins probably won’t capture that title (Jennifer Lee currently holds it for co-directing Frozen), but she should easily take the number two spot, surpassing the Wachowskis (The Matrix Reloaded with $281 million) and Vicky Jenson, who co-directed Shrek ($267 million). Jenkins does already have the title for highest grossing movie from a solo female director , surpassing Catherine Hardwick’s Twilight ($191 million). Should Jenkins direct the Wonder Woman sequel, as is expected, the combined grosses of the two movies could also put her within striking distance of the highest grossing female director of all time. That title is currently shared by the Wachowskis ($714 million), followed by Nancy Meyers ($615 million), Betty Thomas ($563 million) and Nora Ephron ($514 million). Two Wonder Woman movies plus Monster should put Jenkins in the $600-$625 million range.

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