‘Wonder Woman’ Set To The ’70s TV Show Theme Is A Slice Of Nostalgic Joy

Everything’s coming up Gadot today. First, we learned about Wonder Woman star Gal Gadot’s awesome pregnancy news and who she suggested as a girlfriend for a canonically bisexual Wonder Woman. And now Youtuber Sebastian Hughes has mixed footage of Gadot from the first and second Wonder Woman trailers as well as Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice with the upbeat, pounding theme music from the 1975 TV series staring Lynda Carter. I did not realize how much I needed this today.

And this mashup meshes surprisingly well. It’s worth noting Gal Gadot has described director Patty Jenkins’ vision for the film as “a very simple story of someone who believes in good and believes that people should be happy and lead safe, happy lives.” If that isn’t in keeping with the spirit of the ’70s TV show, we don’t know what is. On the other hand, if they really want to hit all my happy brain buttons with classic references to the TV series I watched in constant reruns as a kid, the movie will show Wonder Woman getting so fed up with the bad guys that she has just got to throw a motherf*cker at another motherf*cker

(Via io9, Sebastian Hughes, and Barfing Unicorn)