‘Wonder Woman’ May Very Well Serve As A Prequel To ‘Batman V Superman’

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With the upcoming Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and Suicide Squad, the DC Extended Universe is swinging for the fences with their film properties. Not much was known what will happen with Wonder Woman in her own outing as filming begins next month. However, details are slowly being revealed that provide more information on the film’s plot, and characters that will be included in the film of the Amazonian Princess portrayed by Gal Gadot.

Along with Gadot, the film will also star Chris Pine who will play Steve Trevor. Jason Fuchs serves as screenwriter for the project while Patty Jenkins assumes the directorial duties.

Two specific eras serve as the setting for the film as the movie will take place between World War I and Modern Day. The film is rumored to be very faithful to the source material of the comic book, which features a great deal of mythological aspects.

Opposing Wonder Woman in the film will be Circe and Ares who will serve as the primary antagonists. Ares will behave more as the character who is manipulating the events from afar as he works alongside Circe. As mythological creatures will be a common sight throughout the movie, Ares will use beasts as his soldiers. Their mission will be to kill Wonder Woman so she doesn’t have a chance to stop Circe’s plans. Circe uses sorcery throughout which will play into her battle with Wonder Woman at the end of the film.

The plot details feature Wonder Woman aka Diana and Steve Trevor in the modern day as they try to thwart Circe, who is pushing government officials into starting World War III with the assistance of Ares. The film is also set up as a prequel to Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice with the events taking place a few months beforehand. Batman is rumored to have an appearance in Wonder Woman’s solo adventure, letting her know that he knows who she is. This would explain her involvement in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.

Wonder Woman is set to arrive to theaters on June 23, 2017.

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