The First ‘Wonder Woman’ Trailer Premiered, And It Is ‘Wonder’-ful

The first trailer for Wonder Woman dropped at San Diego Comic-Con, and it is amazing. Amidst all of the grittiness and action sequences, there is so much to absorb about the film’s story and supporting characters. Chris Pine gets to flex his “incredulous” muscles as the first man that Diana ever meets, and there is plenty to love about her interactions with humans throughout the clip. Gal Gadot is everything and more, as she is clearly getting to expand the character past what fans saw of her in Batman v Superman.

The World War I footage, while pretty standard as far as movie representations of war go, is still impressive and Wonder Woman’s abilities out on full display offer up an intriguing spin on normal war footage. The trailer also provides a more than thorough look at the magical lasso, which in this movie is glowing and gold without looking too special effects-laden.

The balance between Wonder Woman’s inspiring story, Chris Pine’s dry humor, and a bit of course-correcting for Zach Snyder’s overall aesthetic that was established in BvS will be a delicate one but based on this glimpse at things, Diana’s story is in safe hands with director Patty Jenkins. We’re still a year away from the movie’s release, but this is as good a way as any to whet your appetite and get ridiculously pumped for Wonder Woman’s first big-screen solo adventure.