The First ‘Wonder Woman’ Critic Reactions Are In And Fans Of The Hero Will Be Overjoyed

Wonder Woman doesn’t hit theaters for another two weeks, and official reviews from the movie aren’t publishing quite yet, but the first critic reactions are in after screenings were held in multiple cities over the last week-plus. For longtime fans, these reactions will be music to their ears as the overwhelming tone of the early opinions is a positive one and you could feel quite a few people jumping for joy through the computer screen at how good the film turned out.

Of course, some fans were anticipating the reactions dropping so psyched themselves up for the tweets to start flowing. At least a few offered some tongue-in-cheek anticipation, commenting on how a few tweets weren’t going to make or break the movie for them.

With all that anticipation built up, the payoff of the actually reactions didn’t disappoint fans. Critics are praising the heart, humor, and action scenes of the movie — AKA something for everybody. Even better, everyone is calling this the best DC movie yet.

Earlier today, director Patty Jenkins answered a fan question laying out why Wonder Woman isn’t just for women but for all fans of DC and the larger comics universe.

Probably not an answer she should have had to give in the first place, but it’s a good sentiment regardless and hopefully — based on these first reactions — a sentiment that is shared by audiences of all backgrounds.