Will Labor Day Weekend Be The Worst At The Box Office Since 2001?

08.30.17 6 months ago

The Weinstein Company

This last weekend was an historically bad weekend at the box office, racking up a measly $65 million (compare that to the estimated $400 million brought in by Mayweather vs McGregor boxing match on PPV). Some outlets are reporting that it was the worst weekend at the box office since 2001, which is not technically accurate. It’s the worst August weekend among the top 12 films since 2001. However, as Vulture reported, it is the worst weekend at the box office since 2014 when Guardians of the Galaxy led the way with $10 million in its sixth weekend.

Given the fact that Labor Day is historically the worst weekend of the year at the box office, and the fact that we’re coming off the worst August weekend since 2001, could this coming Labor Day weekend be the worst since 2001?

It seems likely.

Excluding the weekend after 9/11 when Glitter was the only new entry ($2.7 million) and the box office racked up only $43 million, the worst weekend on record was the weekend after Labor Day 2008. On that weekend, there was only one new film, the Nicolas Cage-starring Bangkok Dangerous, which scored $7.7 million. However, that weekend also had sleeper hit Tropic Thunder ($7.2 million) and the sixth biggest film of all time, The Dark Knight ($5.5 million in its 8th week) to buoy the box-office to $50.2 million. That weekend was also coming off a $73 million weekend.

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