A Mysterious Phone Causes Trouble For Armie Hammer And Dakota Johnson In The ‘Wounds’ Trailer

Ah, the simple life of a New Orleans barkeep. One night you’re making Sazeracs for Drew Brees; the next, you’re being swarmed by cockroaches after picking up a stranger’s cellphone filled with horrifying images. I think Dr. John wrote a song about it.

Directed by Babak Anvari (Under the Shadow), Wounds stars Armie Hammer as Will, a bartender who takes home a rowdy patron’s phone following a fight. Because he’s never seen a horror movie before, Will stupidly begins to look through the phone and hates the “awful” things he sees, as he tells his girlfriend Carrie (played by Dakota Johnson). Is he looking at the jerk-wad goose from that game everyone loves? He is not. All the while, Will is casually flirting with bar regular Alicia (Zazie Beetz), which might explain why he’s “acting guilty as shit,” according to Carrie. Also, there’s a bathtub full of blood.

Wounds premiered at the Sundance Film Festival, where it was called the “nastiest and grossest” movie of the year by Bloody Disgusting. That’s a low-key compliment.

Here’s the official plot summary.

Disturbing and mysterious things begin happening to a New Orleans bartender after he picks up a phone left behind in his bar.

Wounds premieres on Hulu on October 18.