Get The Lowdown On The Four Horsemen Of Apocalypse In The New ‘X-Men’ Movie

The May 27 release date of X-Men: Apocalypse isn’t as far away as you might think, and with the big premiere fast approaching, the studio has begun to stoke the fires powering the hype machine by revealing tantalizing details. Among the X-Men’s most formidable foes, the ancient mutant known as Apocalypse always arrives with his entourage of Four Horsemen in tow, loyal servants who carry out his bidding while he takes care of the big-picture world domination business. ScreenRant recently ran a big set-visit piece including interviews with key cast members, and among the many revelations unearthed in their coverage were the identities of the characters who will serve as Apocalypse’s trusted lieutenants.

The comics conscripted everyone from Wolverine to Gambit to the Hulk into Apocalypse’s ranks, but the upcoming film will draft a different set of familiar faces for the Horsemen. ScreenRant revealed that Alexandra Shipp’s Storm will join Apocalypse as his apprentice, sporting the mohawk hairdo that Storm rocked in the comics during the ’80s. Michael Fassbender will reprise his role as Magneto, and also contribute his keenly political intellect to Apocalypse’s cause. Olivia Munn joins the X-universe in this upcoming film as Psylocke, who will be Apocalypse’s third recruit, and filling out the squad is perennial Apocalypse minion Archangel, played in this iteration by Ben Hardy, taking over for Ben Foster.

Traditionally, each of these four henchpeople assume the roles of Death, Pestilence, War and Famine, but ScreenRant’s coverage doesn’t specify who will play whom. Storm assumed the role of Famine in the animated series X-Men: Evolution, and both Archangel and Psylocke served as Death in the comics, but this will be the first instance of Magneto allying himself with Apocalypse. There’s plenty more detail in the ScreenRant piece, though whether Donald Trump will sue over copyright on the phrase “Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse” has yet to be seen.

(Via ScreenRant)

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