New ‘X-Men: Apocalypse’ Featurettes Spotlight Storm And Angel Getting Angry

FOX has been kicking their PR for X-Men: Apocalypse into high gear as of late, and they kept that going today with two short featurettes focusing on two “new” characters: Storm and Angel. We put “new” in quotes because we’ve technically seen Storm and Angel in X-Men movies before. These, however, are new interpretations of the characters, younger ones played by newcomers Alexandra Shipp and Ben Hardy, respectively.

The videos are both pretty short, really just spotlighting a few action shots. But they provide some brief insight as to what these interpretations of the characters will be like. Hardy describes Angel as “angry” and Shipp refers to Storm as having a “dark side.” This might seem like something of a no-brainer as these interpretations of the characters are not only teenagers (and no teenage X-Person is complete without a hefty dollop of angst) but also henchmen of Oscar Isaac’s villainous Apocalypse.  While Angel (and his alter-ego Archangel) have a deep history with Apocalypse in the X-Men comics, Storm acting as one of the villain’s Four Horsemen is a new addition to the canon. Shipp confirming that the character will be showing off more of a dark side in the new movie makes sense, given this.

You can catch X-Men: Apocalypse in theaters on May 27, provided you’re not completely exhausted with superhero movies by then.