A Classic ‘X-Men’ Storyline Is Rumored To Be ‘Up For Grabs’ For A Big Screen Adaptation

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04.17.16 10 Comments

The next X-Men film in the ongoing series, X-Men: Apocalypse,  hasn’t even been released yet and the rumor mill is already churning in regards to what the following film project could be. While whatever happens to the mutants in Apocalypse could blow this speculation into smithereens, rumor has it that a future movie could center around Jean Grey’s “Dark Phoenix” arc from the comic books. While some details from the Dark Phoenix part of Jean’s story were incorporated into X-Men: The Last Stand, it’s not a surprise that Bryan Singer and the rest of the team currently shepherding the films from stage to screen might want a re-do on that particular arc. Most people would rather forget Brett Ratner’s contributions to the X-Men series, and if Singer gets to give the Dark Phoenix a second shot then that is even better. For those not familiar with the Dark Phoenix Saga, Comics Alliance has all the details:

The Dark Phoenix Saga, the comic book arc in which Jean Grey is exposed to extraterrestrial radiation that unlocks her full mutant potential and breaks down the psychic barriers created to contain it. Dubbed the Dark Phoenix, this version of Jean is far more powerful and infinitely more dangerous, ultimately forcing her to make a tragic choice.

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