Yes, There Is A ‘Shaft’ Reboot In The Works

It’s been a while since America was treated to an outing with the Shaft franchise, 15 years to be exact. Back in 2000, Samuel L. Jackson took on the role of John Shaft – an identically-named nephew to the original 1971 character played by Richard Roundtree (who is also in the 2000 film). However, the wait for more adventures may be coming to an end as New Line has acquired the rights to the title and is actively pursuing a new film with John Davis of Davis Entertainment.

At the moment, it remains unclear if New Line would continue with the idea of future characters being related to the original, or if the franchise would start anew, but a new face is going to be brought into the fold either way. Additionally, there’s currently no indication as to who will be sought out to write and/or direct the new film.

Source: The Wrap