Rumor: In ‘Star Wars: Episode VIII,’ Yoda May Well Be

Star Wars: The Force Awakens may have focused largely on the new team, but plenty of the movie’s original cast turned up too, even if it was only a cameo from their melted-down helmet. And it seems possible that Episode VIII will have even more of the original trilogy’s cast turning up, although you might want to get out your salt shaker for this one.

A Redditor by the name of Skywalkergal claims to have been at Star Wars Celebration and overheard at the Saving Yoda booth that the team had been brought in to animate everybody’s favorite tiny green grammar-buster. So, yes, season liberally. That said, though, if they wanted Yoda to be in Episode VIII, this would line up.

Plot-wise, it makes sense, as we’ve seen Yoda as a Force ghost before. Behind the scenes, though, this would also be a logical place to go. One of the bigger nerd controversies has been how George Lucas treated Yoda in the Star Wars prequels, with some people upset the original puppet has been retired. The Saving Yoda team, which includes one of the original builders of the Yoda puppet, has two stated goals: to raise money for charity, and to have a Yoda puppet handy if Disney decides to ditch the CGI Yoda. Remember, The Force Awakens used practical effects wherever it could, so if Yoda is coming back, hiring a ready-made team makes a lot of sense.

And it should be noted that Yoda’s voice, Frank Oz, has been busy on Star Wars: Rebels, lately. Having him record a few lines in the booth wouldn’t be complicated. Don’t take this as confirmation, of course. But, if Yoda really is in Episode VIII, this seems as likely a way for the info to come out as any.

(via Reddit)

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