Adorable, Young ‘Harry Potter’ Fans Grill Daniel Radcliffe About His Magical Powers

The curse of playing such an iconic pop culture figure through eight mega-popular movies? You’ll have to bring up that character every time you promote another project from now on. At least for Daniel Radcliffe, or Harry Potter himself, the rehashing of that franchise he made famous involves interacting with cute kids.

In this video from Entertainment Weekly, Radcliffe talks to several children, all of whom are merely interested in what magical powers he would choose if he could have any, and if he does in fact have magical abilities that he’s just hiding from them. When Kamryn asks him what magic spell Radcliffe would choose to have: “Some of my magical powers would just involve myself giving myself other powers of superheroes.” He refuses to divulge the special effect that makes him invisible on screen. Nor can he tell a girl named Olive how broomsticks fly.

Later on in the clip, a girl asks Radcliffe what the most challenging part of playing his character was, and since she doesn’t specify the character’s name, the actor takes the opportunity to promote Swiss Army Man, a movie of his that actually just came out. In this movie, he plays a magical dead guy who “comes to life with a lot of questions about the world.” Or in less euphemistic terms, he plays a corpse that farts. This definitely seems like stretch from Harry Potter.

(via Entertainment Weekly)