Zac Efron And Adam Devine Met The Real ‘Mike And Dave’ And They Were ‘Awesome’

Zac Efron and Adam Devine stopped by Jimmy Kimmel Live on Wednesday night to promote their movie Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates, which comes out next week. If you’ve somehow managed to be blissfully unaware of the marketing surrounding the film, the concept is pretty simple. Efron and Devine play the titular “Mike and Dave,” two wealthy yet degenerate brothers who have a habit of ruining special occasions for their family. For their sister’s Hawaii destination wedding, however, they receive ultimatums from their parents to bring two nice girls as dates. Of course, this goes horribly awry when they recruit two strangers who end up being even worse than they are.

What many people don’t know, as Devine revealed, is that the movie is really based on a true story. He said that when he first read the script, his only problem with it was that the story wasn’t all that realistic, but as he soon found out: It really happened! Kimmel asked the two if they’ve actually met the real Mike and Dave, to which Devine responded in no uncertain terms, “Yeah. They’re awesome!” He continued, “When you meet them, you’re like, ‘Yeah… They’re making a movie after you guys.'”

Apparently the real Mike and Dave spent some time on set, which went about how you’d imagine, in a story that involved Mike and Dave making out with hot Swedish girls in a jacuzzi, and later getting kicked out of said jacuzzi.

Don’t believe him? Here are the real Mike and Dave at Wednesday’s premiere of the movie, which they claim is about “80 percent” accurate.

Premiere Of 20th Century Fox's "Mike And Dave Need Wedding Dates" - Arrivals
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Never stop bro’ing, bros.