Zac Efron’s Fitness Routine For ‘Baywatch’ Is Truly Insane

If you’re going to be in a movie with The Rock, you’ve got to bring your fitness A-game. Sure, you’ll probably still get dwarfed, but at least you’ll know you tried your best to compete. Zac Efron is clearly taking that to heart on the set of the upcoming Baywatch reboot, throwing everything he’s got into a training regimen and diet. It also looks like an American Ninja Warrior style obstacle course has been built on set, making fitness a bit more fun (and intense). And, well, it’s certainly paying off.

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There are some muscles that copious amounts of bronzer and camera angles can’t fake. So, want abs like Efron’s? Well, you’ll have to give up pretty much everything you love most. Do you like staying on your couch and eating carbs? Then the Baywatch lifestyle is just not for you. On top of putting in what must be an insane amount of time at the gym, Efron tweeted a little bit about his diet on set as well.

If your regular day looks a bit more like Efron’s cheat day, recreating those abs is probably a no-go. We can’t all be muscle-bound heartthrobs.

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