You Can Now Buy Zac Efron’s Jock Strap In A Totally Unnecessary ‘Dirty Grandpa’ Auction

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Hey, did you see Dirty Grandpa? Probably not/hopefully not, because it was decidedly not good. Zac Efron may have comfortably segued from Disney fame to being an R-rated comedy fixture, but they can’t all be Neighbors 2. Panned by critics and audiences alike, I wouldn’t hold your breath for Dirty Grandpa 2.

However, despite the nearly universal disdain, there is an online, ongoing auction for various props from the film on Prop Store. While it is mostly the run of the mill outfits and paraphernalia — because who doesn’t want to channel their inner horny De Niro the next time they hit the golf course — there is one item in particular that stands out for its WTFness. Tucked at the very end of the list is a jock strap worn by Zac Efron after he’s roofied on accident by his grandfather and then dances the Macarena. Efron didn’t get those abs to hide them under something stupid like a shirt, so a jock strap with a stuffed hornet on the front makes a lot more sense considering his career trajectory.

The current bid is only $60 as of posting, so make your offers now, if that’s your jam. However, there are still nine days left in the auction, so be prepared to shell out, internet perverts and High School Musical super enthusiasts.

(Via Prop Store)

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