Twitter Did Not React Well To Zac Efron’s MLK Day Tweet

01.19.16 2 years ago 16 Comments
Zac Efron

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Zac Efron, who is appearing in Dirty Grandpa with Robert De Niro this weekend (and who recently garnered rave reviews for his “nice tits” from Dwayne Johnson), will NOT be appearing in a High School Musical reunion set to air later this week, in honor of the movie’s 10th anniversary. Apparently, the reunion conflicted with promotion for Dirty Grandpa.

Efron’s decision not to appear already had fans of Efron and High School Musical on edge, so when Efron decided to tweet the following on MLK Day, he didn’t get the reaction he was probably expecting.

Maybe the day in which we honor the greatest civil-rights leader of the 20th century is not the best day to brag about passing the 10-million-follower mark on Instagram.

Twitter reacted accordingly.

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