Zack Snyder Reveals How Netflix Jumped At The Chance To Launch His ‘Army Of The Dead’ Universe

Zack Snyder has been racking up headlines thanks to his long-awaited director’s cut of Justice League, but the director has another film universe coming down the pipe thanks to a very enthusiastic amount of support from Netflix. Later this year, Army of the Dead will hit the streaming service, and it’s a project that Snyder has been trying to get off the ground for years. Despite having a relationship with Warner Bros., the zombie heist movie stayed trapped in development hell where it eventually fizzled out.

“They didn’t want to spend that kind of money on a zombie movie, or just didn’t take it that seriously,” Snyder recently told Entertainment Weekly. But he surprisingly found a willing partner in Netflix, which was so hyped about Army of the Dead that it greenlit both the film and an animated prequel series that will do a “very deep dive” into how the zombie plague started:

“We were in a meeting at Netflix and I was talking about some of these scripts I was working on,” Snyder recalls. “And I mentioned the idea to [Netflix head of original films Scott Stuber] and he was like, ‘That is the movie! Go write that movie and let’s make it.’ I was like, ‘What, do you mean now?’ And he’s like, ‘Go write it tomorrow and we’ll shoot it in a week.'”

Netflix also released a series of new photos from Army of the Dead, which is scheduled to premiere in 2021 but does not have an official release date yet. You can see the stills and behind-the-scene shots below.


(Via Entertainment Weekly)