Zack Snyder Details How ‘Batman V Superman’ Gave Birth To DC’s Film Universe


Zack Snyder’s Batman v Superman is an important juncture in DC’s attempt to regain some of the superhero marketshare Marvel currently has an iron grip around. With Dawn of Justice, DC will now finally unite all of their heroes under one banner and make their way to the inevitable, but now comprehensible, Justice League movie. The DC movies were simply too disparate before, but now, under Zack Snyder’s watchful eye, the DC Universe will make sense. Big things are going to happen, things that will have the DC versus Marvel war begin anew. But oddly enough, there wasn’t always a plan to have a united DC universe. According to Snyder, the genesis of the expanded universe started with an idea he had while making his Man of Steel movie, and truly came to fruition with Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.

He explained at the Batman v Superman press conference:

Once we had committed to that idea, it was only then that it implies that a whole universe exists for Batman and Superman to exist together. I know it seems obvious in the comic book world, but it had not existed in the movies, but once that idea took root and existed as reality, it was then and only then.

He was also a driving force behind the “Trinity” AKA Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman making it to the big screen:

I am and have been obsessed with the trinity and have wanted to see the trinity, that being Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman, in a single moment. That’s a thing that I was really interested in trying to get in this movie, not that I didn’t have enough to deal with already — but I thought that would be a cool scene. And those conversations are what led to this Dawn of Justice subheading for the film.

Snyder also explained the political red tape and egos that would have to be shred in order to make this DC universe happen:

Frankly I thought it was a difficult notion, especially in a city like this which is filmmaker driven and sort of project to project, its a difficult notion to say: oh okay, you’re making a movie but its actually connected to that guys movie and that guys movie and they’re all going to be this great big fun sandbox and we’re all going to play nice in it. Its a great thing, but a difficult thing to just make appear. Thats the luck and serendipitous nature of this movie thats sort of allowed the worlds now to coalesce. It became a plan, and its becoming a thing, but it was only in this infancy that we realized, yeah oh my gosh, this can be a thing.

One question. Since we’ll see the Justice League form out of this movie, that will mean Batman is super old and will only get older as these movies continue on. An old, bitter and beat up Batman is just a minor detail, right? He can continue on, right? He’s only the most important character in all of DC. No reason not to reboot the whole series with old Batman.

(Via Slashfilm)