Robin Williams’ Daughter Posted A Heartfelt Tribute On Instagram For His Birthday

It’s been nearly two years since Robin Williams passed away, and his daughter, Zelda Williams, posted a touching tribute to her late father today, which would have been the legendary actor and comedian’s 65th birthday. In the heartfelt post, Williams recounts her father’s dedication to charity work, and shared the service that she donated to in his name since “I know I can’t give you a present anymore.” She calls out Freedom Service Dogs, which trains shelter dogs as companion animals, saying “I thought you’d get a kick out of furry, four legged friends helping change the world, one warrior at a time.” She closes with a “Happy Birthday, Poppo,” which is sure to make more than a few fans reading misty.

Zelda Williams (Yes, named after that Zelda) has posted about her father on a number of occasions since his death, doing an admirable job keeping the spirit of her father alive in the hearts of fans everywhere. Even though he’s gone, the influence that Robin Williams had on millions cannot be be overstated, so it is good to know that his daughter is working so hard to honor his legacy.

(Via Mashable)