Lea Thompson’s Daughter Had Some Very Odd Reactions To Her Mother’s ‘Howard The Duck’ Sex Scene

Is there ever an appropriate way of warning your daughter that you were close to having sex with a duck (ONE WITH ‘TUDE TO SPARE) in a major motion picture? Probably not, but you can’t help but feel bad for Zoey Deutch. The 21-year-old Everybody Wants Some!! actress shared a cute cautionary tale about how she came across her mom about to mack on something that quacks. (No, not Coach Bombay.)

Deutch shared her story on Conan which is a sensible place for celebrities to share an anecdote. The actress recalled seeing her mom Lea Thompson’s scene in Howard The Duck where Ma’s fooling around with the titular duck. (Complete with spring-loaded feather boner joke!) Zoey’s then-kid brain did the best it could to process the ducksh*t craziness. Understandably, that’d be traumatizing for most people regardless of age or affiliation to Lea Thompson, but Deutch shares that she thought Howard + Mom + Sex = Family Crisis.

“What’s the next step? I go to my father and my mother. Oh my god, I know the duck’s name is Howard. Dad, your name is Howard. This is complicated. Dad will love more than this duck will!”

Evidence seems to back up that claim. Thompson’s been married to Pretty in Pink director Howard Deutch since 1989 and there doesn’t seem to be any duck-friendly polyamory in the couple’s history. You’ll definitely want to watch the above clip all the way through for the hilarious capper and why not relive the uncomfortable flesh-n-feathers magic of the scene in question?