03 Greedo’s Boisterous ‘Trap House’ Video Takes Over Melrose With The Help Of Shoreline Mafia

The “Free Greedo” movement honoring incarcerated rapper 03 Greedo is still going strong, taking over LA’s famed Melrose Boulevard with the help of Shoreline Mafia and a life-sized Greedo cardboard standee for their boisterous “Traphouse” video. Directed by Tyler Benz and produced by Cosmo Orlando, the video find a crew of rambunctious supporters posted up on the corner with Greedo’s stand-in dressed in all-purple to dance, bounce, and tag up the street in support of the Watts hometown hero.

While Shoreline members Rob Vicious and OhGeesy flex and flow in front a Rolls Royce in a nearby alley, concert footage of Greedo flashes by, reminding viewers that far from being just a catchy hashtag or internet meme, Greedo is a skilled and beloved performer who was turning his life around when he was arrested and sentenced to prison for handgun possession in Texas. If the people of LA want to see him free, it’s because there was perhaps no local performer who matched him for energy, enthusiasm, and raw output, which will continue even as he serves out his time.

“Traphouse” is from Greedo’s first post-incarceration album, Still Summer In The Projects, produced entirely by DJ Mustard and featuring appearances from Shoreline Mafia, Trilliano, and YG on “Wasted.” It’s due April 5 through Alamo Records, Interscope, and Mustard’s 10 Summers.