03 Greedo Releases Two New Songs Showing Off His Versatility

The last time we heard from incarcerated Watts hometown hero 03 Greedo, he had just earned his degree while prison in gun and drug charges in Texas. Even though he worked hard to improve his life behind bars, he worked twice as hard before he went in to ensure his fans would have a steady supply of new music to hold them over. Today, his team released two new tracks, “She’s Foreign” and “Bring The Whole Block Outside,” to remind listeners that his versatility and work ethic doesn’t just apply to education but to his rap game as well.

“She’s Foreign” is a hazy, late-night trap ballad that finds Greedo waxing semi-romantic about a paramour over a filtered vocal sample and rattling snare, perfect for the 3 AM let-out at your local club.

“Bring The Block Outside” is a much more upbeat, street anthem on which Greedo remembers late friends and brags about his ability to do exactly what the title says when enemies test his gangster.

Both tracks are part of the flurry of recording activity Greedo’s sentence sparked. Knowing he was set for a long stay behind bars, he bum-rushed the studio to record dozens of new songs, many of which ended up on projects like the DJ Mustard collaboration Still Summer In The Projects or the Travis Barker joint EP Meet The Drummers. Greedo may be gone for now but he’s making sure he won’t be forgotten.