The 10 Creepiest Things Beliebers Are Tweeting On Justin Bieber's 20th Birthday

#HappyBirthdayJustinBieber. #JustinBieber20. #20ReasonsWhyWeLoveJustinBieber. These hashtags are going to be trending all day because Justin Bieber turned 20 today, and Twitter runs on the collective passion of teen girls. I couldn’t help but click on all of them out of morbid curiosity that quickly turned into NO NO NO.

Here’s some of the weirdest sh*t Beliebers are tweeting today about their boy king.

1. Totes most fetus.

2. But how long was his penis?

3. They hired the same party planner as Kirk Cameron.

4. I’m seeing double: four douchebags.

5. Justin is so strong for not being gay.

6. Blame Canada.

7. “DA F*CK.”

8. Thanks for f*cking, adults we’ve never met.

9. That looks like it should be on the side of pedophile’s van.

10. “It’s been all downhill since the day I was born.”