15 GIFs That 20-Year-Old Miley Cyrus Is Going To Regret On Her 40th Birthday

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11.23.13 42 Comments

People do dumb sh*t when they’re 19 years old. Acting like an idiot is one of the best things about being that age, that and relating to this Old 97’s song. For most of us, our “teen shenanigans,” as our older selves will eventually call them, aren’t seen worldwide, unless your jerk friend Rick filmed that time you tried to hump a Denny’s booth and it goes viral on YouTube, in which case, screw you, Rick. Meanwhile, everything Miley Cyrus does is magnified to an extreme degree; that’s why I’m fairly sympathetic to all the “nonsense,” to use another old person word, she’s done this past year. She was treated like a robot for so many years by Disney that she’s finally acting like a teenager.

Except, as of today, she’s not a teenager: she’s 20 years old, and in 20 years from now, she’s going to look back at some of her most highly GIF’d moments from the early 2010s and think, “The hell was I doing?” We’re not sure, Miley, but we’ve all been there. Minus the bear humping and Thicke twerking. Even we’re above that.

miley terry dance

miley flash

miley robin

miley dancing bears

miley vma

miley grind

miley tongue

miley jordan

miley alone

miley lick

miley jordan butt

miley locker room

miley ice cream

miley bad bitch

miley simpsons

(via Getty Image, via Miley Cyrus GIFs)

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