2 Chainz Tears Up Dubai In A Hypebeast Ski Mask In ‘Sleep When U Die’ Video

Well, 2 Chainz has been on a tear lately. 24 hours after the debut of the video for “Blue Cheese,” featuring Migos, Tauheed Epps is back with another visual from his highly anticipated LP, Pretty Girls Like Trap Music, released just last week.

While Chainz brought luxury to the trap in “Blue Cheese,” in “Sleep When U Die,” he brings the hood to one of the most luxurious cities on Earth: Dubai.

Produced by Buddah Bless, an OJ Da Juiceman sample sets off the track, before shifting into a sample of Travis Scott’s “Antidote,” as Chainz raps the hustler’s protocol, echoing the sentiment of “no sleep” in front of panoramic views of the gorgous desert city while wearing a Supreme ski mask that makes him look like a hypebeast ninja. Only he could get away with flexing shirtless in a foreign country with a bright red mask on.

Scenes of 2 Chainz performing in Dubai are intercut with shots of foreign cars and hotel pools. Chainz himself declares “hear how the money talk, it made me bilingual.” It’s clear he lives by his words; to maintain the frenetic pace of the promo he’s put together for Pretty Girls, he has to be about 39 winks short of 40. Let’s hope his ongoing beef with the Sandman keeps producing jams like this one.