2 Chainz Was Astounded When Tierra Whack Said She Washed His Car As A Teenager

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Tierra Whack helped kick off Coachella Friday evening in a bright yellow inflated dress. The rapper captivated the crowd with her witty lyrics and energetic stage presence. Whack also drew attention when she joined Janelle Monaé on stage and began rocking to “I Got the Juice.” Whack’s Coachella performances even grabbed the attention of Vince Staples, who boasted the weekend was “Tierra Whack’s Coachella.” The “Unemployed” rapper worked hard to be on the Coachella stage. Whack revealed she used to work washing cars as a teenager— specifically 2 Chainz’s car.

Tierra Whack got the chance to tell 2 Chainz over Coachella weekend that she washed his car several years ago. 2 Chainz looked astounded to hear the news.

“I have so much built-up inside,” Tierra Whack said in an interview with The New York Times. “To be able to put what I have in my head into real life is just an amazing thing.” Whack revealed the car washing gig was her first job when she was 18 and living in Atlanta. “I washed 2 Chainz’s truck, T.I’s car, but I missed Andre 3000.”

Whack’s car washing job allowed her to save up enough money to buy a laptop and begin recording the lyrics she had written in her notebook.

The first weekend of Coachella comes to a close Sunday night with a headlining performance by Ariana Grande.

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