Sort Out Your 2016 Major Music Festival Options With This Helpful Video Guide

Welcome to 2016. The year where LCD Soundsystem, Calvin Harris and the bulk of classic Guns ‘N Roses rub elbows as Coachella headliners because festivals are ever evolving (and often nostalgic) beasts. But, that’s not the only show in town, mind you. Far from it.

America continues to be head over heels in love with its major music festivals. If you want to meet some lovely people, catch a gaggle of recording artists you like, and watch someone fight an invisible dragon while tripping THE MOST balls, festivals have your back. They may not have your wallet in mind when you drop $18 or whatever on a hot dog, but they’ve got your back on other things. That’s why so many have sprung up over the past decade-plus with folks flocking to these hootenannies more often than not.

Multi-day affairs like Coachella, Bonnaroo and Governors Ball can cost a pretty penny, which is why we here at Uproxx have crafted a handy video guide on this year’s crop of enormo-festivals. It’s a look at the crown jewels of what’s to come, how much it costs to see said crown jewels and a few tips on what festivals outside of The States are worthy of your attention. James Murphy can afford to miss this 110 second crash course because he’ll be at a sh*tload of these bashes, but you can’t. Hit play, evaluate your options and maybe pause the video when it gets to Axl Rose’s face because you might have questions.