21 Savage’s Dark, Twisted Humor Emerges While Breaking Down The Song Lyrics From His Track ‘X’

When you listen to 21 Savage, you’ll get the vibe that he’s not someone to play with at all. However, if you get to know the guy a bit, he’s got a sense of humor, but it’s also dark. During Genius‘ new Verified series, 21 shows off this side as he breaks down lyrics from his “X” record featuring Future.

The first thing that’s discussed is how Future’s contributions came together. It wasn’t always a back and forth between the two as Future recorded first, then Metro let 21 hear it. “He did like an intro, a verse, a hook, another verse, another hook,” 21 explains. “When Metro played it for me, I was like ‘sh*t, we should just chop it up so we’re going back and forth.”

From there, Savage dives right into the lyrics. A lot of them are easy to interpret and don’t need no insight, like “last name Savage b**ch, but no I’m not Randy.” The lines “Hit her with no condom, had to make her eat her Plan B” gets a funny discussion. “Gotta make her eat her Plan B,” 21 says. “N***a ain’t tryna have no more kids. Plan B cheaper than an abortion.” The conversation shifts into STDs and how you need to know who you’re messing around with.

In case you had hopes that 21 Savage enjoys Instagram poems, he shatters that notion. “B**ches get to re-posting them long ass poems about love and n**gas breaking they hearts. B**ch get our your feelings…on the Instagram.” With 21’s humor, it’s the way he says it. So serious-like but you know it’s funny to hear.

If you can’t get enough of the series already, there’s a Mac Miller episode out, too. This one tackles his Anderson .Paak-collab “Dang!” He reveals that .Paak wrote the song with intentions for it to represent the people who have passed away in our lives. Watch the clip below.